Monday, April 20, 2009

Cancer, Paper, Scissors

I have been asked to chair a team for American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. This is a world wide event that is used to fund cancer research, provide information, and offer free programs and services to people facing cancer. The team walk/relay is June 26th in Mukwonago at Field Park. So far, I've got two lonely members on my team! We will walk for approximately 12 hours, so that means I need at least 12 members on my team. Then we will all only have to walk for ONE hour. All that's required of you is the willingness to gather some pledges and take a turn or two on the track. No, YOU don't have to walk all night! Come and do what you can and remember the sooner you sign up means you will have a choice pick at what hour you want to walk! Procrastinators get the 3 a.m. lap!! Oh, AND you get a FREE T-shirt. Won't you consider joining my team or making a donation. Thanks, Angela

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